Is your child new to our program? For quality and consistency please call Frances to find out what level your child should sign up for. This may include an appointment for an in-the-water evaluation by one of our skilled instructors.

This progressive program is designed to develop and improve confidence and skills in the water. Students will be taught to their ability and “progressed up” when they have developed and mastered all skills for their current level. Each class uses land and water time to develop swimmers by increasing their safety knowledge in and around the water and promote healthy living now and in their future!

Pike  Age group: 3 to 5 years old

Successful completion of this level includes front and back float 5 seconds, swim 6 feet head down, pool rules and safe behavior around the water. Please enroll your preschooler in Pike if he or she has never had individual lessons without a parent. Pikes who have had past individual lessons may be enrolled in Pike or Pike/Eel.

Pike/Eel Combined Age group: 3 to 5 years old

Each student will be taught at this or her own level. Only Pikes who have Pike before may take this combined course!

Successful completion of Eel level includes (without assistance) front and back float 10 seconds, sit dive and swim 12 feet, back scull 12 feet and swim 12 feet with correct breathing and good arm pulls.

Ray & Starfish  Age group: 3 to 5 years old

Due to the limited number of students ready for the intricacies of the Ray and Starfish levels, these classes are only offered limited times and days. If you child progresses to Ray, please send an email to to discuss swim time/day options. Email inquiries are generally answered within 24 hours.

Successful completion of the Ray level includes (without assistance) 25 yards, with excellent form, of front and back crawl, standing dive, 30 seconds of treading water and survival float.

Successful completion of the Starfish level includes (without assistance) 25 yards of elementary backstroke, surface dives, 75 yards continuous endurance swim using specified strokes.


Spring Preschool Swim Lesson Schedule


Monday / Wednesday 4-4:30 pm   X
Monday / Wednesday 4:30-5 pm X X
Monday / Wednesday 5-5:30 pm X  
Tuesday / Thursday 4-4:30 pm   X
Tuesday / Thursday 4:30-5 pm X  
Tuesday / Thursday 5-5:30 pm   X
Friday 4-4:30 pm X X
Friday 4:30-5 pm X  
Friday 5-5:30 pm   X
Saturday 9:30-10 am X  
Saturday 10-10:30 am   X
Saturday 10:30-11 am X  
Saturday 11-11:30 am X X

Parents must stay in the Aquatics Center during lessons.

Preschool Lessons
2 days per week class
Member: $36      Community participant: $57
1 day per week class
Member: $29      Community participant: $48

Please use the wait list if the day/time you want is full – we do our best to accommodate.


Summer Preschool Swim Lesson Schedule

Preschool Lessons Monday-Thursday

1 June 5-15 4 July 17-27

2 June 19–29 5 July 31-Aug 10

3 July 3-13 (No lesson July 4)

30 Minute lessons - see schedule below.

Member: $36 Community participant: $57


Day & Time Pike Eel
8:15-8:45 am X X
9:15-9:45 am X X
11-11:30 am X X
4-4:30 pm X X
4:30-5 pm X X
5-5:30 pm X X
5:30-6 pm X X

4-Week Preschool Lessons - 1 day per week

Pike/Eel Saturday 9:30-10 am

Pike/Eel Saturday 10-10:30 am

Session 1: June 10-July 8 (no lesson July 1)

Session 2: July 15-August 5

Member: $27 Community participant: $48

Please use the wait list if the day/time you want is full – we do our best to accommodate.

Parent/Child Swim Lessons: Age Group: 6 months to 3 years old

This is a water enrichment class for parents who want to get their children acqainted with the water and learn that water is fun. Moms and dads are both welcome.

Tuesday, 9:30-10 am (all ages)
Saturday, 9-9:30 am (all ages)
Member: $28      Community participant: $47

Summer 4-Week Parent/Child Swim Lessons

Tuesday, 10-10:30 am, June 6-June 27 or July 11-Aug 1

Saturday, 9-9:30 am, June 10-July 8 (no lesson July 1) or July 15-Aug 5

Member: $27 Community participant: $48

* * * * * *

Refund / Credit / Transfer policy:  There is a $5 administration fee for any transfer or cancellation. Program credits ($5 administrative fee) may be issued until 5 pm - 7 days prior to scheduled start of a program. No credits/refunds/transfers after this time.