644 Crook Street

Custer South Dakota  57730


Helen Davis Wellness Center Hours:

Monday-Friday 5:00 am to 7:00 pm

Saturday - 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Sunday - 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm**December - Mid-April**

  • Christmas Eve, Saturday, December 24, 2016 CLOSED
  • Christmas Day, Sunday, December 25, 2016 CLOSED
  • Monday, December 26, 2016 CLOSED
  • New Years Day, Sunday, January 1, 2017 CLOSED

YMCA Office Hours:  7:00 am - 7:00 pm Monday- Friday

Men's, Women's and Family Showers & Locker Rooms.
The Wellness Center has Free Weights, Cybex Weight Machines, Ellipticals, Rowing Machine, Treadmills, Stationary Bikes, Mats, and more.

Please inquire with Membership Services about a Fitness Orientation.

Use of the Helen Davis Wellness Center is included in Membership.

No Membership? No problem!  Day passes are available for Non-Members, $5 per person.

Camping? Guest showers available for $5.


All YMCA Fitness classes are included in your YMCA Membership.

Non-Members can visit for a first class for Free, a continuation of the class will require a membership.


Boot Camp

Instructor led class.

Scheduled Monday, Thursday, and Friday at Noon, & Wednesday at 5:30 PM

Located in the Gymnasium at the YMCA Log Building. 

Our HIIT based Boot Camp routine consists of low and high intensity aerobic intervals. This class combines cardio, strength, and agility focused on working the whole body. Class time ranges 45 minutes to 1 hour.


Instructor led class.

Scheduled Wednesday at Noon

Located in the Helen Davis Wellness Center. 

Women On Weights! An introduction to basic weightlifting, although not just for women. This circuit styled class has several weight stations intermixed with cardio stations for a whole body workout. One day we focus on upper body and another day lower body. This is a great beginner class to familiarize yourself with the weights and focus on proper form. No experience necessary! We utilize a mixture of body weight, machine & free weights. Class time ranges 45 Minutes - 1 hour.


Instructor led class.

Scheduled Tuesday at Noon.

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Located in the Gym at the YMCA Log Building.

PiYo is a music-driven, athletic workout inspired by the mind/body practices of pilates and yoga that also includes flexibility and strength training, conditioning and dynamic movement. It includes modifications for the group exercise environment yet offers exercise progressions for all levels. Learn movements that elongate muscles, strengthen the core, release tension, deepen breath and improve posture. PiYo provides improved flexibility, strength, balance, stress reduction and overall fitness level improvement.

Beginning Yoga

Instructor led class.
Scheduled Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons at 1:30 pm.

This 35-45 minute class will provide you the fundamentals of yoga and get you started on your own personal yoga path.  The focus will be on increasing flexibility and strength, balance, alignment, breathing, safety and stability within each pose.  Participants should work at their own pace and never overdue it. If you have been wanting to begin a yoga practice to reap all of the health benefits that yoga has to offer, now is the time! No Experience? No problem! This class is designed for those who have little to no prior experience with yoga. Let Yoga transform you!

Cycle Classes

Participating in a YMCA Cycle Class can burn on average 500 calories. Cycling can be performed as an anaerobic exercise, pulling energy from reserves and building up muscular endurance over an extended period of time. However, there are also aerobic benefits. Our Cycle Classes include both endurance and cardiovascular training. Heart health is an obvious benefit, as is lung capacity. As we work harder we will learn to work on controlled breathing, as well. If you prefer to pedal a little slower you won’t fall behind the rest of the class, and you won’t feel out of place for not knowing a routine. No one knows what level anyone else is working at, and they are free to progress at their own pace. Cycling keeps the pressure off your knees and feet. You are able to work out hard on a bike without hurting your knees and feet. It is also a good workout for those who cannot use the treadmill or elliptical because of arthritis. With limited bikes, please contact Membership Services to reserve a bike for your preferred class.

Ride & Shine

Instructor led class.

Scheduled Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6 am.  (45 Minute  – 1 hour  Class)

Located in the Loft at the YMCA Log Building.

With an emphasis on speed intervals Ride & Shine is our morning indoor cycling class, set to the rhythm of motivating music. Burn up to 700 calories* a workout and get fit fast. This class will get your heart & legs pumping! Learn all the basic cycling moves like standing up, sitting down, changing hand positions, speeding up and slowing down. You control your own resistance levels and sprint speed so you can build up your training level over time. Interval based, your inspiring instructor will lead the cycling pack through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials, & intervals. This class will leave you energized, to power through your day! *Results vary

Spin & Sculpt

Instructor led class.

Scheduled Monday and Wednesday evenings at 5:30 pm (hour long workout).

Located in the Loft at the YMCA Log Building.

What do you get, when you combine a indoor cycle ride and resistance training in one class when space is tight? Spin & Sculpt is a combo class format with a emphasis on building strength, that uses resistance equipment, i.e. dumbbells to train the arms while you  work your legs. Even if you’ve never been on a bike, Spin & Sculpt is a simple and safe workout that will get you amazing results. Our instructor will show you how to set up a bike and will give options to match your own fitness level. Your fitness will race ahead in no time. 


Core & More

Instructor led class.

Scheduled  Tuesday and Thursday at 5:15 - 6pm 

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Located in the Gym at the YMCA Log Building.

Everyone wants more defined abs! But more than just looks, strong abs help contribute to better core strength that benefits your balance and overall fitness. The Core & More class begins with a gentle warm up that will give you time to psych yourself  up for a challenging 30 minutes of a nonstop hardcore abdominal BURN finishing with a cool down and  deep restorative stretching leaving you with a tighter mid-section all around. The Core & More class focuses on toning and defining the abs and strengthening the back to improve posture and core strength. Exercises are performed using Weights, Stability Balls, Resistance Tubes, Versa Loops,  standing and/or floor exercises.


Instructor led class.

Scheduled Tuesday and Thursday at  5:45 - 6:45a.m. and Saturday at 7:45am

Located in the Gym at the YMCA Log Building.

RIP by Group Rx is a barbell workout that incorporates functional orthopedic strength training. Every movement plane is attacked using weights and bodyweight. Featuring safe and motivating exercises, and great music to create a thrilling group fitness atmosphere.



Mens Pickelball on Monday & Thursday at 9:00 am,

Ladies Pickelball Tuesday & Thursday at 1:00 pm and Friday at 9:00 am,

Mixed Group Pickleball on Wednesday at 9:00 am and Saturday 1-5 pm.

Located in the Custer Community Center Multi-Purpose Room.

A paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players. Pickelball ia a fun sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. Pickelball is played using a paddle and a plastic ball. It can be played both indoors or outdoors on a badminton-sized court and a slightly modified tennis net. Pickelball is held at the Custer Community Center, in the Multipurpose Room.