Nordic Pole Walking Workshops

Nordic Pole Walking - Want to learn more about it? » read more

Ron Bender Memorial Racquetball Tournament

We had a great 10th Annual Ron Bender Memorial Racquetball Tournament Results: Open Singles:    1. Tyler Thielen                             2. Michael Phillips Open Doubles:  1. Michael Phillips-Paul Jermelenko                             2. Willie Gonzales-Doug Simons Combined Singles: 1. Chris Suto                                   2. Vivek Agarwal Combined Doubles: 1. Chris Suto-Greg Suto                                      2, Brian Utzman-Greg Hansen Congratulations to all!   » read more

CPR/First Aid Blended Learning Class

We are offering a you a chance to learn CPR/First Aid or CPR PRO through the ASHI (American Safety and Health Institute). This is not an online CPR course! While the classroom work is done online, the skills testing is done in the classroom with a certified instructor. Students must pass both a written and a performance evaluation to receive a 2-year certification. Welcome to first time students or those needing a review! Contact Frances at for more information and monthly skills training and test dates. Members: $50    Program Participant: $60 » read more