Coaches of the Year

Molly use to be scared in pools and clung to the side, but after meeting Alden and Lillie at the YMCA, she can now swim the length of the pool. Molly started in the Special Olympics program two years ago and has since won 16 medals with 9 of them in swimming. Her father, Pat, said he owes it all to Lillie and Alden’s work at the YMCA through Special Olympics, “Molly didn’t know how to swim before she met them, now she just loves the water.” » read more

Summer Learning Loss Prevention

The YMCA of Rapid City was selected this summer by YMCA of the USA as one of 32 Y's across the country to pilot the Summer Learning Loss Prevention program. This is an educational program targeted at preventing reading loss among elementary age children who are most vulnerable to summer learning loss. » read more

Why the Y

WHY THE Y? KELLY AND BECKY LANE "I can barely remember NOT coming the Y. My dad’s office was across the street and I remember him eating lunch here. We always had a family membership. Fifty years later, we are still members and after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s twenty one years ago, we discovered Bjo and her Parkinson’s classes. Parkinson’s is relentless in its advance and Bjo’s classes help to slow down the advance. Fifteen of us that have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, regularly attend the classes and it’s the best way to cope with our disease and one of the best support groups we have." -Kelly Lane » read more

Shaping Our Future

Growing up going to YMCA camp, Christine Stephenson spent many summers as a “Y Kid.” After having a family of her own, Christine and her husband, Hans, knew that they wanted their daughter, Elsa, age 5, to grown up in the YMCA as well. They love the location of the Y, the preschool program and the chance for their daughter to have swim lessons - all in one location. More importantly, they wanted Elsa to grow up feeling like a part of a community. “Elsa knows people at the Y. It’s part of her stomping grounds, and it’s not going away,” Christine said. “As she grows up in this neighborhood, it’s extremely comforting to know that the Y will be there throughout her childhood to help us keep her safe and healthy.” » read more

Quiet Hallways

This week our child care/preschool programs are closed so the rooms can be cleaned and re-done so they are sparkly and bright for our new kiddos that will be started on Monday. The teachers are also hard at work training and getting their classrooms ready. This means that a wing of the YMCA is empty and insanely quiet. If you are at the YMCA in Rapid City on a normal basis, there is a constant buzz of kids laughing, smiling, and giving out hugs. The childcare serves 220 children at the Y. The kids rotate between classroom time, outside walk/chalk time, roof-top playground time, gym time, and beloved swim lessons. The staff and members at the Y often see the parade of kids going through the hallways. As you can imagine, without those happy little faces and joyful little voices, the Y seems so empty. » read more

The Impact of the Y

Every once in a while we get a message from our website that makes us stop and reflect on how the impact of a Y membership affects our members, volunteers, and staff. Being a member at the Y is un-measurable. Sometimes in the media, all we hear about is about miracle stories of weight loss and other drastic forms of life changes. In reality, the stories that are the most relatable and the most impactful to hear about are the stories about an every day story. Maybe it’s the working mom that needs a safe place for her kids to go while she works out or the elderly couple that needs a water exercise class to keep them active. Or it’s the single father that appreciates a place to rehab and hang out with his kids…. » read more

I am Thankful

Who are you Thankful for? I think that we all go through life and don't let people know how much we appreciate them. At the YMCA, we are trying to let people know how much they mean to us and why they inspire us. It's a Y-USA intiative called, "Ask Me Why." On a portion of the questionnaire, you are asked- Who you are Thankful for-- some of our staff filled out who they are thankful for-- here are the responses. If you know someone at the YMCA- whether it's a member, volunteer, or staff- we would like to hear from you! You can either email for a form or stop by the Wellness desk down in the Wellness Center. While you are there, check out the bulletin board next to The Zone with more "thankful" messages. » read more

Where Do I Get Peas

“Where do I get peas?” asks an excited little boy at the Summer Food Program at the YMCA this summer. In a partnership with the US Department of Agriculture, the Y provides free breakfasts and lunches to kids 18 and under. One family that appreciates the breakfasts and lunches is the Bender family who have been enjoying the meals for the past few summers. The family, with children ages of seven weeks, four, five, seven, and eight years old, are homeschooled. Finances are tight with the birth of a new baby and having four other children at home. One daughter excitedly exclaims, “We like it here because we can eat yummy milk!” Mom, Jessica, also explained they think drinking milk out of individual little milk cartons is a highlight for the children as well. » read more

Zumba Through Brazillian Eyes

The YMCA and the World Service committee had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Pascual Jesus Mostaceros, the Executive Director of YMCA Região das Hortências in Brazil for a few days earlier this week. He came in on Sunday, July 6 and a volunteer from our World Service committee, Bruce Nearhood, and his wife Kim graciously hosted Jesus in their home. A fellow Brazillian, now American and YMCA volunteer, Angela Estes picked him up from the airport and took him to Bruce’s house and welcomed him with his native language of Portuguese. The Nearhood’s took Jesus to Mt. Rushmore that evening. On Monday, he spent the day at the YMCA with staff and he learned all about the wonderful programming of the Rapid City YMCA and it’s many sites (Giraffic Park Day Camp, LaCroix Links, outreach centers, Y House, Y Church, etc). » read more

Saveit or Shaveit

The fate of the YMCA of Rapid City Executive Director Roger Gallimore's mustache is in the hands of social media. The YMCA of Rapid City is starting its first ever Twitter campaign to #saveit or #shaveit. Roger has his iconic mustache for over 32 years and that could soon end if twitter followers have their way. » read more